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Mocha Fest Jamaica 2020

21 May


9:00 PM
Norman Manley Blvd, Negril, Westmoreland, Jamaica

Starting At USD 300.00


We are fully aware of the impact the Coronavirus (COVID 19) is having on the travel industry on a global scale, and how it may impact you attending upcoming Mocha Fest Events. Please click here to read our latest newsletter related to the Coronavirus and how Mocha Fest Events. 

In only 6 years, Mocha Fest has emerged as one of the most incredible, liberating and unique party and vacation experiences in the entire world. Thousands of beach and party lovers flock to Negril, Jamaica each year to spend  5 days enjoying a series of drink inclusive beach parties, top class Hip Hop and Caribbean entertainment and the company of some of the most amazing, beautiful and free-spirited adults. Join us for Mocha Fest Jamaica 2020 and create memories and friendships to last a dozen lifetimes. 

Your Mocha Fest Party Pass

Your Mocha Fest Jamaica season pass gives you access to 9 incredible events to be hosted in Negril, Jamaica between May 21st and May 26th 2020. 7 of the parties are drink-inclusive, 5 are food inclusive, plus roundtrip shuttle from your Negril hotel to all events. 

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Day Time Activity Description
Thu May 21st 09:00PM Retro (Throwback Thursday) Best Of The 90s - 2000s | Theme: 90s Wear | Location TBA
Fri May 22nd 01:00PM Urban Splash Pool Party Hip Hop Pool Party | Theme: Red Hot Bikini | Location TBA
Fri May 22nd 10:00PM Diamonds Live Concert & Celebrity Party | Theme: Black & Bling | Location TBA | Lineup: TBA
Sat May 23rd 03:00PM Whet (All White) Water & Foam Party | Theme: All White/Dress to get Wet!! | Location: TBA
Sun May 24th 10:00AM Bikini Brunch Brunch & BBQ | Theme: Orange/ Beach Chic
Sun May 24th 10:00PM Tease Pajama Party | Theme: Sleepwear | Location TBA
Mon May 25th 10:00AM Bikini Booze Cruise (Optional) Catamaran Boat Cruise | **Additional Cost**
Mon May 25th 11:00AM Fantasy Beach Private Beach Party | Theme: Bare as You Dare | Location TBA
Mon May 25th 10:00PM Rave (Glow) Glow Beach Party | Theme: GLOW | Location TBA


Starting At:USD300.00